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Yogi Christmas Presents

he guys,

welcome to another blog post!
Christmas is right around the corner and finding the right present in a hurry isn’t always easy. So if one of your loved ones is a Yogi (or you’re just looking for something to put on your own wish list really :D) keep on reading for Yogi Christmas Present Ideas

1. tea

this could be a great choice for a co-worker or a secret santa: tea! I don’t know a single Yogi who doesn’t enjoy & appreciate a good cup of tea. My current favourites are by Cupper Tea and (of course) by Yogi Tea.
While the Cupper Tea packages are so pretty that there’s barely no need to wrap them, the YogiTea-teabags have a little saying / mantra-thing on every tea bag – this way you can start your day super inspired!


2. warm feet

it gets quite cold and wet here in Germany in the winter time. So when the weather is especially cold and disgusting my feet get cold and even though I am heating up during my practice my feet stay cold. so one thing I love are these footwarmer-things, they make great and thought through Christmas presents in my opinion. I got mine from freepeople, but you can get these from shops that sell dancing equipment as well.


3. nail polish

we spend a lot of time in our yoga practice looking at our feet. I get really distracted when I notice half way through my practice that some nail polish has chipped of – give your yogi friend some nail polish, I bet lots of us would really appreciate this (makes a good stocking stuffer / secret santa as well!)


4. Yoga pants

I knooooow – obvious isn’t it? but while not all of us have hundreds of bucks to spend, I’m showing you some cheaper alternatives. just in case you didn’t know this already: H&M makes great (and not-see-through) yoga pants! they range from 10-30€, so a great option for every budget.


5. props & pillows

A nice yoga block to support you during your practice or a little meditation pillow make a great gift, too. You wouldn’t necessarily get this for yourself, but as a present they are great. Blocks range from 5-30€, so another budget friendly option here.


6. black roll

Yoga to help your connective tissue / fascia yoga is a huge trend right know, so if you know your yogi friend is into that consider a blackroll for a present (or any other kind of fascia tool, really)
Especially if your yogi friend is also a runner / cyclist this present is great for stretching and preventing injury.


7. magazines

I love to cozy up on my couch and flicking through my yoga magazines. I feel a little guilty somehow, every time I buy one because they aren’t exactly cheap (so this present is a bit on the pricier side, although a great last minute gift). But a lot of yogis would really appreciate this


8. yoga mat

so another more expensive gift could be a yoga mat. there are lot of mats out there, and most yogis have a favourite brand so you might check your friends mat. if you do not want to spend a ton of money, a great idea is a travel yoga mat. they are often thinner and lighter than your standard mat – and cheaper as well.
I personally fell in love with the Jade Yoga mats, there is a ultra light travel version of their mats out there, called the voyager.
It is around 40€,  and a great gift for all those yogis on-the-go.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you did make sure to check out my post about my yoga essentials in winter.
Do you have any more gift ideas? I’d love to hear about them in the comments down below.


I wish all of you a very merry christmas time and a happy new year!

Be kind!


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