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top 4 winter yoga essentials

it’s finally time for steaming hot tea, cozy socks and giant scarfs.
but while sitting on your couch is really nice for a few hours, I personally have to move myself at least a few times a week. since the wind outside is already freezing / the rain is steadily drizzling it’s time for Yoga.
even if you yourself aren’t quite the yogi, maybe a loved one of yours is – these make great Christmas presents as well


so here are my top 4 yoga essentials you need for a perfect yoga practice during that cold time of the year.

some kind of socks / leg warmer / …

these are really life safers for the beginning / end of your yoga practice
the one’s you see in the pictures I ordered via freepeople, you can find them here and here.
the important thing is that either they have cut outs or some kind of grip so your not slushing around on your mat.

a fluffy and warm pullover / hoodie / …

most of us don’t have the luxury of living in the same building as the yoga studio of our choice, so something to keep you warm on your way to / from class is essential in the winter time.

thermos / to go cup

is it just me or do you also love to drink a good hot cup of tea after your practice? I love to make tea right before I go to teach my classes, put it in a thermos flask and drink it right after I finish.
is there a better tea to drink right after your practice than Yogi Tea?

bag for your yoga mat

at least where I live, in the winter time you always have to be prepared for snow / rain – both isn’t really nice to have on your mat. so invest in a bag to avoid a wet mat. If you’re thinking about investing in a new (travel) mat anyway, I can highly recommend the Voyager Mat by JadeYoga. It is quite thin, so basically no cushioning going on there, but that’s not to bad for me. You can just very easily fold it up and throw it in your purse and are good to go. Another plus, for a JadeYoga mat (which are usually quite expensive) it’s really cheap.


what are your essentials for your winter yoga practice? I’d love to read about it in the comments!

Be kind!

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