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new year 2017

Actually I am not the kind of girl for new year’s resolutions.
In the course of my studies about psychology I’ve learned quite a bit about motivation and how to stick to plans.
So before writing about my own plans, here are some general tips I’ve learned about new year’s resolutions.

Make sure your goals / plans are realistic in the first place. “I’m going to travel the whole world this year.” cheers if you do, but for most of us not really realistic. Another popular one is “I’ll be going to the gym every singe day of 2017”. No you won’t. Make it realistic in order to actually achieve your goals.

If you set plans / goals for yourself, make sure to make them as concrete as possible. Maybe you even want to split one big goal up in tiny little steps, to make it more concrete and to watch your progress.

Keep an eye on what you wanted to do throughout the year. Create an inspiration board on Pinterest (or even in real life) to stay inspired, another idea could be to keep a diary or a notebook in which you keep track of your goals. If you already have a day planner for 2017 you could write down little reminders for, let’s say march in advance.

With that in mind, I sat down and set these new year’s resolutions for myself:


1. procrastination

one of my goals for this year is to beat procrastination, one thing I’m absolutely guitly for.¬†This includes putting away my dishes right after I’ve eaten and put my clothes in my wardrobe every evening. Once I made this things a habit, I will set new little tiny goals in this category.


2. social

I’ve just recently moved to a new city, and I am planning on making new friends and meeting new people here.


3. body

This topic includes a few different things, for example my yoga practice. I’ve never had any problems with inversions, but I am just not as flexible as I would like to be, so this is something I will have to work.
Another thing concerning fitness are my plans to run the full Marathon here in Cologne in October, so this will take a lot of consistent training, too.


4. honesty

something I’ve been already working on in 2016 is being honest. For one, being honest with myself about whether I really want something or not, about how I feel and about what I really want to do. Being honest with yourself is harder then you might think. Another thing is to be honest with others – what I am talking about is being open and honest about your feelings and thoughts towards others.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my own personal goals and are inspired to set some for yourself.
You already have goals / plans for 2017? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Be kind & a happy new year!


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