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Do you sometimes feel disconnected? Like you’re physically there, but somehow mentally miles away? You practice Yoga already and want to add a new layer to it?
Then this blogpost is for you!

Often we find that meditation and mindfulness are strongly related to each other.
I’ve written my Bachelor thesis about mindfulness, as well as a blogpost – check it out if you want to know more about mindfulness

Right here, I want to concentrate on meditation and how to use it in real life


Before you start

  • Sit down in a place where nobody is going to disturb you (so you can focus on your meditation completely)
  • If you’re indoors, you might want to dimm the light – so you don’t get distracted by everything around you
  • If you’re having a busy day I suggest writing a list of everything you have to do and remember before you sit down for meditation – this way these things are not floating around in your head while meditating
  • Sit down in a comfortable position – I’d suggest sitting down on your Yoga mat or on the floor – you might as well take a pillow so make it more comfortable. Since you should be sitting quite upright for the air to flow nicely through your system I’d advise you against meditating on your sofa or bed

while you’re at it

There are many different ways of how to meditate. I’d suggest you try a lot of different methods and find the one you’re most comfortable with.
Here are some of my suggestions:
(The basic idea behind all of these methods is the same, though: focus on what you haven chosen (e.g. your breathing) and every time you find yourself drifting aways, thinking about other stuff, just come back to the object of your focus)

  • concentrate on your breathing – feel how the air is flowing in and out of your nose, or how your belly moves while breathing
  • use a Mantra, that means a word or sentence, to focus your thoughts on
  • you might also want to consider a guided meditation – there are loads of them online but as well in Yoga studios nearby you

what else?

You might find that Meditation isn’t exactly easy – but that’s normal, don’t give up!
You can also try to incorporate mindfulness into your day-to-day life.
Try to experience daily situations with mindfulness, like eating or walking – try to focus fully on these things, not thinking or doing anything else, just experiencing this one thing and be present

If you’re looking for a great app, the Insight Timer not only helps you to time your meditations but has also loads of guided meditations!

Have you tried it yet?
What are your tips for meditating ?
I’d love to read about your experience with meditation in the comments down below.

Be kind!


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