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why I love autumn

When the days went colder this year, I was surprised not to feel sad summer’s over.
Usually, I would get moody every year due to the prospect of colder month ahead.
Not so this year, for the first time I can remember I am really looking forward to fall time.

So whether you’re a fall-lover or can’t wait for the colder days to be over – bear with me!

First of all: tea!

A few years ago I became I huge tea-drinker.
And while (besides a morning-breakfast-tea perhaps) you do not really drink a lot of tea during summer time.
Just think about getting cozy in the evening, with a good book and a huge cup of tea.


And that brings me right onto the next amazing thing about fall: reading
While with all those garden parties and warm summer evening there’s little time for reading.
Now though is the time to do so – not sure what you could be reading this fall / winter?
Check out my blog post about what I’ll be reading¬†¬†this winter.

the great outdoors

When you feel like getting outdoors, there is no better time to do this than now.
There is no denying that nature is really sort of showing off in fall – so grab your running shoes and feel the crisp air in your lunges. Fall is also a great time for hikes with family or friends.

the small things

Besides that, fall is a great time to do all these indoor-things you might have lost sight of during summer – I am talking about cooking big and fancy meals, playing board games, sorting out your summer holiday photos, … and all that fun stuff.

What do you like about fall? I would love to read about that in the comments!

Be kind and enjoy life!


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