22 things I learned in 22 years

End of 2016, I got myself a new day planner by  Monkey Mind Stationery to keep track of my day to day life. Besides the “usual” features, it also includes a myself box each week, just to write down things you’d like to do for yourself this week. As I’ve been writing something down there just a […]

mindfulness meditation achtsamkeit yoga


About mindfulness – well, I’ve experienced that there’s quite some stigma around this whole meditation / mindfulness thing. A lot of people probably think it is a kind of weird /esoteric thing to do. Honestly, that’s what I thought of it for most of my life, too. But man, things have changed. My Yoga teacher […]


Do you sometimes feel disconnected? Like you’re physically there, but somehow mentally miles away? You practice Yoga already and want to add a new layer to it? Then this blogpost is for you! Often we find that meditation and mindfulness are strongly related to each other. I’ve written my Bachelor thesis about mindfulness, as well […]


Eyes closed and legs crossed – breathing in – breathing out – Oooooooooohm! This might be just the thing many people associate with meditation and Yoga. A lot of Yogis wear the Om-Sign around their necks and it is imprinted on a lot of Yoga-related products (mats, pants, …). But most people don´t know what […]

new year 2017

Actually I am not the kind of girl for new year’s resolutions. In the course of my studies about psychology I’ve learned quite a bit about motivation and how to stick to plans. So before writing about my own plans, here are some general tips I’ve learned about new year’s resolutions. Make sure your goals […]

Yogi Christmas Presents

he guys, welcome to another blog post! Christmas is right around the corner and finding the right present in a hurry isn’t always easy. So if one of your loved ones is a Yogi (or you’re just looking for something to put on your own wish list really :D) keep on reading for Yogi Christmas […]

2017 reading list

I don’t always do new years resolutions, but this year I decided finally try something along the lines. Down below you will find my reading list for the upcoming year and the remaining weeks of 2016. During the course of the next weeks (and probably month) I will be adding new books to the list, […]

top 4 winter yoga essentials

it’s finally time for steaming hot tea, cozy socks and giant scarfs. but while sitting on your couch is really nice for a few hours, I personally have to move myself at least a few times a week. since the wind outside is already freezing / the rain is steadily drizzling it’s time for Yoga. even if […]

why I love autumn

When the days went colder this year, I was surprised not to feel sad summer’s over. Usually, I would get moody every year due to the prospect of colder month ahead. Not so this year, for the first time I can remember I am really looking forward to fall time. So whether you’re a fall-lover […]