Lagom is a swedish word for which there is no real translation, there is no equivalent in the english language.
Lagom describes the fact, that something is “just right”, or “just enough”. It means that there is a balance in two opposites.

Lagom is the way we should live our lifes.

Lagom Living is a website created to help you to change your life.
Oftentimes, the way we live is strongly influenced by our habits, beliefs, half-truth, and laziness, but most of all by lack of information.

I am Julia, the mind and soul behind Lagom Living.
I am passionate about road cycling, hiking and yoga – and of course about food!15204250_1234989169899283_1462084240_o

I’ve graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Media Communication,
furthermore I’m a 300h-qualified Yoga instructor and a qualified food coach.