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22 things I learned in 22 years

End of 2016, I got myself a new day planner by  Monkey Mind Stationery to keep track of my day to day life. Besides the “usual” features, it also includes a myself box each week, just to write down things you’d like to do for yourself this week. As I’ve been writing something down there just a few days ago, I noticed that taking time for yourself is something I discovered just quite recently. Taking time for yourself is just one of the many things I learned along the way so far – some of the other things I discovered on this life’s journey are listed below

  1. Concerning friends & food: quality is way more important than quantity
  2. You are never too old for Disney Movies
  3. Invest in some good quality running shoes – your knees will thank you later
  4. Communication is key – in everything you do
  5. There is no such thing as perfect (perfect summer, relationship, party, day, …) – but that’s kind of the beauty of life
  6. True health includes body, mind & spirit
  7. Take time for the things you liked in kindergarten / primary school, like drawing or playing an instrument
  8. Pushing your boundaries & getting out of your comfort zone is so worth it
  9. Take care of your body – it is the only guaranteed thing that will stick with you until the very end
  10. Never stop learning – stay curious and inspired
  11. When in doubt – do yoga
  12. Kindness is free
  13. Usually, you don’t get what you wish for – you get what you work for
  14. Being in a good place with your family is awesome
  15. Wearing all black usually is the way to go
  16. The only person responsible for you happiness is you
  17. Wherever you go, always bring water & snacks
  18. Feeling guilty about treating yourself once in a while isn’t getting you anywhere
  19. The most important organ in your sex life ought to be your brain
  20. Once in a wile, let your inner goddess loose
  21. Watching a whole season of gossip girl with wine & ice cream in the bathtub wont make your problems go away – still, sometimes it’s just the way to go
  22. The most important relationship you’re in is the one with yourself



Take care & be kind


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